Coastal Preservation

Caring for Land and Sea

From sustainable farming to conscientious water use to recycling, we are environmental stewards in the vineyard and in the winery. We are proud to support like-minded organizations, who share our commitment to preserving our beloved coastline, protecting marine wildlife and nurturing the earth for generations to come.

Seaside Meets Sidewalk Café

There’s something about a walk along the coast. The world just melts away. Everything slows down. There aren’t many places left on earth that savor a relaxed pace, but the Central Coast defies the hurried lifestyle that we all succumb to in moments big and small.

At the center of our one-of-a-kind wine region is Santa Barbara, long heralded as a retreat from the rush of everyday life. A haven of rocky coastline, mountain views and charming city streets, Santa Barbara epitomizes relaxed coastal living. And it’s not just the beach—although that certainly draws us in—it’s the daily farmers markets, the outdoor concerts, the sidewalk cafés. It’s the dance between local wine and local food. Perhaps, most of all, it’s the promise of discovery, with no agenda, no rush.

The Flavors of the Coast

Food is an integral part of coastal wine culture. When we craft our wines, we’re thinking about how they’ll be shared around the dinner table. The coastal dinner table celebrates fresh food—whether it’s local greens from the farmers market or the daily fresh catch.  Try some of our favorite coastal recipes, expertly curated to pair perfectly with our wines.

Discovery Awaits

Pure sea glass can only be shaped by the natural movement of the wind, the sand and the sea. It can take decades for discarded glass, broken apart by the tide, to be polished into a shimmering, one-of-a-kind jewel.  A gem, waiting to be discovered.

Wine is as much about discovery as it is about flavor and texture. There’s a slow rhythm to seeking out the perfect bottle of wine—tasting as you go, exploring what speaks to your palate, discovering what feels like a hidden gem to you.

May we all have those moments where we stumble upon an unexpected glimmer in the sand—a promise of something truly unique, unlike anything we’ve experienced before.  We know it can happen. We believe in the magic of the coast.